Christmas Cook & Serve

Christmas Cook and Serve (VCHS-CCS) is an organisation and project company aspiring to help the needy through innovative technology, a Christian-centered mind, and a merry atmosphere for street kids, teens and others around Accra. It’s heartbreaking to see people and children on the streets; it is what this organization is all about. We are mostly active when it is near to Christmas. This period is the appropriate period of the season we start distributing the packages. The whole year is for planning.

Job Shadowing

The VCHS Job shadowing program is an experience where our students spend a number of days observing a professional on the job. The rationale for this is to help them get exposed to different jobs and professions, and help them decide which careers they would like to consider as they grow. As a school committed to experiential learning, we hope to provide context to the various career options available to our students, so they make informed decisions regarding programs of choice and how that can impact their desired career paths.

Mentorship Program

At VCHS, we are well aware of the fact that students in middle school encounter and struggle with social and emotional changes that occur during this transitional period to adulthood, and, as educators, we seek to help our students develop skills and disposition such as resilience, perseverance, and determination to ensure that they can problem-solve and work through challenges as well as take ownership of their learning and decisions as they grow.

The VCHS mentoring program exists to provide our students with positive role models who will provide an out-of-the-classroom perspective on life and the outside world.

VCHS Mother’s Day Celebration

VCHS Mother’s Day Celebration is a special annual event honouring all mothers, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. VCHS during this celebration give students the opportunity to socialize, interact and learn from mothers of the VCHS family as they enjoy quality time with them in sessions such as Charades, Interaction time, “What I’ll never forget Mummy for?”(a time of sharing memorable experiences) and the most popular and engaging session referred to as, “What would Mummy’s advice be?” where students anonymously ask any question at all. Students also entertain mothers with outstanding performances to grace the event.