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What an extraordinary voyage it has been, delving into the essence of Ghana during Discovery Week! 🇬🇭 From unraveling the mysteries of our past to rejoicing in the kaleidoscope of our culture, each moment unfolded as a revelation. Here’s a glimpse of the captivating activities that illuminated our days:

🔍 Day 1: Journey through the BIG SIX and our revered past presidents: Reflecting on the luminaries who sculpted the annals of our nation’s history and charted the course for progress.

🌿 Day 2: Expedition into our bountiful natural resources: Immersing ourselves in the richness of our land and the imperative of sustainable stewardship. Engaging in fervent discourse on ‘Galamsey,’ confronting challenging questions to foster a deeper comprehension of the environmental and social ramifications.

🌍 Day 3: Provocative dialogue on climate change: Uniting in our resolve to safeguard our planet and forge a verdant tomorrow.

💃🏽 Day 4: Cultural extravaganza by our gifted students and staff: An effervescent spectacle of traditions, melodies, and rhythmic movements that encapsulate the essence of Ghana’s uniqueness.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all who partook and contributed to this unforgettable odyssey! Let us perpetuate the ethos of discovery as we persist in our pursuit of knowledge, evolution, and the celebration of Ghana’s rich heritage. 🌟📚 #DiscoveryWeek #GhanaHistory #CulturalHeritage #SustainableFuture 🍃🌺

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