Vine Christian High School is a unique educational institution designed towards raising a robust generation of Christian Leaders through a well-tailored and comprehensive educational experience using the Cambridge International IGCSE program. 

The school admits learners from age 7 to 13 years. This new school rides on the back of the already highly successful Vine Christian School (VCS) utilizing this high level brand, quality and the graduating VCS students. The VCHS model provides a safe, positive and serene learning environment that encourages the holistic development and performance of our children.

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The VCHS fills the need for our students to bridge the gap of secondary and Advanced pre university Education in Ghana. Our focus is to equip learners for success in this changing world. Families already with us and families that would like to join us have the opportunity to continue their education with the Cambridge Lower Secondary program (ages 11-14), the Cambridge Upper Secondary program (ages 14-16) and eventually the Cambridge Advanced Program (16-19 years old).

A tool for ministry to minister Christ to teenage children

Provide a safe place for young people to develop Christian character and receive an excellent education at the same time.

To help train young people in the way they should go.