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Vine Christian High School is a selfless institution that aims not only to make an impact on society through education, but by helping the less privileged. To achieve this, Christmas cook and serve was created to feed the hungry during the festive union of people of various walks of life.

The VCHS cook and serve is an annual event in which we try to feed as many needy people as possible. This year, we will be targeting a whopping 1,000 people. The event is organized and controlled by the students themselves that way they are able to get a sense of what event-coordination is like in the future. This year we got together a strong team to help feed the people.

Our Goal

These are the goals we are working towars this year in order to make the cook and serve, bigger and better than the last:


Feeding 1000 people

0 $

Raising $6000

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Healthy Food