Vine Christian High School

Welcome To Vine Christian High

Message from our Principal

As the principal of Vine Christian High School, I extend to you the warmest of welcomes to our vibrant school community. The decision you face in selecting the right educational path for your child is undoubtedly weighty, and I am genuinely thrilled to share with you the many ways in which Vine Christian High School can shape your child’s journey towards a bright and fulfilling future.


Over the course of three enriching years at VCHS, your child will blossom into a truly well-rounded individual, embracing not only the rigours of academic excellence but also the profound values and principles inherent in our Christian ethos. Our commitment to holistic education means that we are intentional about your child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth are nurtured with utmost care and dedication.

Our Academic Programs



News and Updates

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